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Expert Garage Doors Repairs has a solid reputation in the Rego Park, NY 11374 area. We’re a well-known garage door repair services provider that has been active locally for many years. We provide lightning-quick, reliable and affordable repair, installation and maintenance services to the local community. If you’re having trouble with your old garage door or need a specialty garage door made for your commercial property, then you can’t do better than us. We provide made-to-order garage doors for all kinds of tastes and needs.

The team behind it all:

Garage doors, despite their straightforward looks, have complex machinery running them. Many commercial types are very heavy and are balanced with the help of torsion springs. Only expert technicians should attempt to repair, install or replace such doors.

Our team is made up of experienced, trained experts. Our team is well acquainted with the workings of even the most complex doors. You can rely on our experts to do the job, no matter how difficult, without too much trouble.

Mobile solutions:

Our experienced team is supported by strong infrastructure. We carry our equipment and a good portion of our inventory in our mobile vans, allowing us to provide you with an on-site service. When you contact us, we can dispatch a mobile team to your location. Our experts are skilled enough to handle most problems quickly.

Some of our services in Rego Park, NY 11374 include:

Expert Garage Doors Repairs Rego Park, NY 347-706-1096

  • Replacement parts like springs, cables, hinges and more provided
  • Professional installation of new doors for home and garage owners
  • Bent, off-track garage doors repaired
  • New custom doors installed
  • Wide variety of garage door types available
  • Weatherstripping solutions
  • Cosmetic upgrades
  • Functional upgrades
  • Security upgrades
  • Lubrication and tune ups

We also provide maintenance checks, which can be especially useful for commercial property owners with doors that are used often. By maintaining your garage door, you can ensure it remains functioning properly and doesn’t give out at a bad time.

Expert Garage Doors Repairs provides a true 24-hour service. We are available in zip code 11374 all day, all week and all the year round. We don’t charge extra for night work or emergency requests, unlike some other services. You can choose to hire us immediately or schedule our services beforehand – including overnight – if that’s what suits you best.

For more information about what we can do for you, talk to our experts now on 347-706-1096!