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It may be hard to believe but a spring, which is a very ordinary component, is extremely important for the working of a garage door. It bears the tension and the weight of the door itself and is thus also prone to damage. Apart from putting the mechanics of the garage door at risk, a broken or damaged spring can also be a threat to life and property. This is because if the spring snaps at a bad timing then the door could fall and hurt someone, or damage your car.

A skilled technician is familiar with the working of all kinds of springs used in garage doors. He knows what kind of spring is suitable for a particular garage door, taking into account its size, weight and overall structure. On the other hand, a non-experienced garage door repairman can easily fail to choose the right spring, which can serious consequences in the future. You should never take any chances and always call the best of the best, someone like Expert Garage Doors Repairs. We have been dealing with pressing garage door issues and damaged springs for ages. We know our job more than anybody else in the Rego Park, NY area, and it shows in our work.

Our skilled technicians have a good deal of experience in restoring damaged springs, installing new ones, and even upgrading the doors. We never compromise with quality because safety is our number one priority. Even the smallest of components that we use are of the highest grade. Every single spring that we install in your garage door has been tested for quality. We offer two most common springs, which are:

Extension Springs

Extension springs have high load-bearing power since they have strong expansion and contraction properties. When they are used in a garage door they remain in expanded form until the door is opened. Even though their usage looks simple they are important. The entire load of the door rests on them, and thus their importance should never be ignored. An inexperienced individual may underestimate their importance, or install them in a poor fashion, which is never good. Shoddy work can cause the spring to snap suddenly and the door could come crashing down. This is the reason we always make sure that we use the best extension springs and install them perfectly.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are mainly found in new garage doors as they are an advanced and better version of extension springs. They are not only safer but also more reliable than extension springs.  However, torsion springs are also harder to handle and understand due to their complexity. Not every garage door repairman can work with torsion springs. They require intricate working and expertise. The entire setup of torsion springs involves a tightly wound spring over a shaft with various cables running through drums on both ends. A torsion spring is wound tightly when the garage door is closed. However, when the door is opened it unwinds and transfers the energy that it contains to the cables, which then lift the door. 

Torsion springs are often preferred over extension springs because they offer better safety. These springs are used in different kinds of doors, including both the commercial garage doors and residential garage doors.   

Call a Expert Garage Doors Repairs expert to install the right kind of spring for your garage door!