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Expert Garage Doors Repairs has proven again and again that the residents of Rego Park, NY can count on it for their residential garage door issues. We provide timely repairs and installations for reasonable prices. Since past many years we have been the leaders of the industry and with the kind of support we are getting it’s likely that we will stay there for a long time. Our team’s professional attitude and friendly service allows our customers to warm up to them easily. We train our technicians to listen to your problems carefully and do exactly as asked for. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing you the highest level of satisfaction.

Wide Range of Choices

At Expert Garage Doors Repairs we carry a wide range of residential garage doors. So, no matter what kind of colors and designs you like you can easily find something for your home. From rock solid steel doors to beautiful wooden garage doors we have all kinds of options for you to choose from. We can also customize the garage doors as per your needs; for we understand that every individual has their own unique taste. Rest assured, you will only find the highest quality products in our selection.


Most garage doors are not built for withstanding bad weather. While they all generally provide adequate security they fail to protect your vehicle and other items inside the garage when a storm arrives or when it snows.  You can however protect the inside of your garage by using our weatherstripping installation service for your garage door.

In our weatherstripping installation service, we seal any gaps and crevices that are present in garage doors, and ensure that it is able to withstand extreme changes in temperatures. We also make them sound proof and add protection from dust. Once our job is done you will find a whole new kind of garage doors that are equipped to handle all kinds of bad weather situations and can keep the inside of your garage comfortable.